Sunday, 15 March 2015

It's the little things that matter

It's the little things in life that matter. Small things can give us immense pleasure and make us utterly happy. Although, in today's stressful world it might be hard to believe but if we look around a bit, the world is filled with positivity.

Happiness lies in helping someone. Don't we all feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside after we have helped somebody? Yes we do! But our elitist society often teaches us not to lend a helping hand to someone.

I too have seen people unwilling to help the poor like they were nothing. A few days ago, my mother was complaing how I have become a hoarder and hoarded so many of my clothes and didn't know what to do with them. I grew up but the clothes were always dumped at the back of the closet.

"Should I throw them out?" she asked me. "But they are in perfect condition", I answered. "They don't even fit you anymore",she argued.

"Why don't we give them out to someone?" she suggested. That seemed like a noble idea. Instead of just throwing my old clothes out I could give them to someone in need. Someone who probably possesses just few tattered set of clothing. And someone who would be highly elated to receive those clothes.

"That's a great idea, mom. But whom should we give these to?" I asked. She suggested about the girl who lived around a few metres from my house. She is indeed someone who needed them. Her parents toiled away to provide for her and her brother. They had recently built a pucca house after saving for so many years. Clothing certainly is a luxury for them right now.

I was really excited when my mother and I went to her house. As we knocked on the door, her mother greeted us with a warm smile. She came outside and was standing beside her mother. I smiled at her and handed her the clothes. As she opened the packet and looked inside, I could see the joy in her eyes. And indeed I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside of me, knowing that I had made someone smile. It made me so happy knowing that I got to help someone and who knows maybe even made their day. Her mother too was smiling. After that they tooks us in served us sweets. That was kind of eye opening. It made me realise that people who don't possess materialistic wealth, can be kind and generous too. That was definitely a happy day for all of us.

So, you see folks, it's the small gestures that matter. This incident not only made me happy, it also filled me with optimism. I am certainly more optimistic about the future now.

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  1. Absolutely correct, small things give more pleasure than the bigger ones.
    I also wrote a story, as me and my wife enjoyed the little aspects of life on a beach.

    1. Thank you! And I read your post too. Taking breaks are necessary to get out of mundane situations :)