Saturday, 14 March 2015

A little story about optimism

We all need a little bit of optimism in our life, now don't we? Yes, we do. But sometimes it's just so difficult to be optimistic and have a positive frame of mind. Those are the moments when we need someone to give a tap on our shoulder and tell us everything will be fine and life will turn out to be great. We need someone to tell us that one day all our worries will go away. So, here's me telling about an incident that filled me with optimism and inspiration.

I aspire to be an artist someday. But the road leading to that isn't easy, especially when you are teaching yourself. I have always doubted myself and my sketches because I thought they never will be good enough since I don't go to an art college. I've heard people say stuff behind my back about my skills, saying that I am only a faux artist and I never will be a real one. But let me tell you something. You will always face difficult people in your life, who will make you doubt yourself. But do know, that for every negative person that exists, there also exists someone who will always believe in you and fill your heart with optimism.
hand lettering my me
So, coming back to my story. I showed my sketches to my parents and being their appreciative self, they obviously praised my drawings and paintings. But I wasn't convinced because of the negativity I would often get to hear. A few months ago, I met my best friend who lives in another city. While talking about everything, the topic of my artistic skills came up and I told him about how depressing it was to hear such negative comments. And then he went ahead and said some of the sweetest things to me. He carefully tapped on my shoulder and smiled. I was confused. He went ahead and assured me I did possess necessary skills to be a great artist. He reminded me that Rome wasn't built in a day and I will improve if I keep practising. I showed him few of my drawings and he lauded me with praises. He even told me to look up to my favourite artists, who all started from nothing but are now living their dream.He even qouted his favourite footballer who when asked how he became an overnight success,narrated his struggles. For the first time, in a long time, I was really happy and elated. His sweet words and that coversation had lifted my spirits and filled me with optimism and positivity.

So, you see folks all you need is a nudge or a coversation with someone to fill you with joy and make you believe in yourself and most importantly, make you an optimistic person. Be #together with optimistic and inspiring people. Their company will always motivate you!
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