Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Why I don't

I'm going to keep this post really short and to the point. This post is about why I don't take part in every contest that exists out there. In fact, till now I haven't taken part in any blog contest. And there is a good reason for that.

I'm a college student. So, obviously after attending classes everyday, I don't have much time left on my hand. So, whatever time that I'm left with I use it to sleep, study and paint. Painting, drawing and sketching are some things which I enjoy immensely. After that there is no time left to formulate ideas for writing blog posts about certain brand or items that will help me nail the contest. There just isn't.

Also, at this moment I'm in no hurry to earn money from blogging. If anything, I want to make money through my talent, through my art. And if any opportunity knocks on the door, I will definitely look in to that. But for now I'm quite content with the way things are going. At this moment I don't have the time and the interest to sell ads or take part in contests which do so. Okay, I think I have blabbered a bit too much. I'll sign off for now. 


  1. Lovely post

  2. I think it's the month of realization on blogosphere. Apart from mine, this is the third post I'm seeing during the past one week where people have stated their reasons for not partaking in a contest or decided to write straight from the heart!

    Even though our reasons are completely different, kudos to you for your stand!



    1. First of all, Thank you. And yes, it's about time we stop taking part in unnecessary competitions.