Monday, 5 May 2014

Be done with these, please

As a girl, nothing irks me more than stereotypes about us. There are certain stereotypes that simply refuse to die. And what is even more alarming is that such stereotypes and beliefs are promoted on social networking sites. I am not of the social variety. I believe physical interaction is much more important that the virtual and often meaningless ones. I believe in having few quality friends rather than thousands of strangers in my friend list. So, quite naturally I had refrained from joining Facebook until few friends finally gave me the nudge.

Upon joining,memes kept showing up in my feed. And now, I have nothing against memes. They put that smile up on our face and it's alright. But then there certain memes which downright make fun of girls. One such meme had  question that asked what's the difference between a girl's argument and a knife and the answer to the question was that a knife has a point. I stared at the meme but it didn't fill me with anger. Rather, I was surprised to see that even girls thought that these questions and memes were funny. Random comments from girls like 'lol' or 'rofl' really angered me. If girls start to think of this as the normal, then these stereotypes will never die. We need to realise that people need to stop making fun at our expense. This has to stop! Or else before we know it this will be the new normal. Girls are dumb, their arguments are meaningless, girls can't make a point. These will be the new normal. And as a girl myself, I certainly do not want that.

Now obviously things are not going to change in a few days. But these posts that make fun of girls (and some of them being really derogatory) are not shared on rampant basis, I certainly hope a change can come. Not a mammoth change but a change in people's perceptions and views.

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